This line is a new beginning for me, one that defines my artistic vision. The pieces are designed to mirror the spirit of today’s woman. They are simple, elegant, wearable, and timeless. They not only become part of a collection, they become part of a her.

Much of my inspiration is drawn from childhood memories of my mother’s iconic jewelry. Her pieces were always a part of who she was and are still a part who she is today. Like art – they transcend decades and all the stages of a woman’s life. This line is an expression of the female spirit.

It seemed inevitable that I would become a designer. I have always loved every aspect of jewelry. Even the taste. As a 3 year-old, I swallowed my mother’s diamond earring. In middle school I got an after-school job just to buy rhinestone jewelry (even though I was horribly allergic). I’d break out in terrible rashes, but nothing could stop me from adorning myself with sparkle. Finally, I remember the day I wore one of my own designs for the very first time, not to a fancy brunch or party, just to the grocery store. But it made me walk a little taller and smile a little broader. A very fashionable woman stopped me, asking about the piece and who made it. I still get goosebumps thinking about it. When I told her that it was my own design, she floored me by offering to buy it right off my neck! That was the first day I felt like an actual designer. Every day since then my mission in life is to help every woman shine a little brighter.